Why Plug In Texas

Electric vehicles make a lot of sense for a number of reasons.

  • Electric vehicles improve air quality and slow global warming by dramatically lowering carbon emissions from mobile sources.
  • By using domestically produced electricity, electric vehicles strengthen America’s energy security.
  • The development of Texas’ plug-in industry, including the production of advanced batteries and other components, creates new green jobs and helps stimulate local economic activity.
  • By recharging electric car batteries at night, consumers will be tapping into electric utilities’ excess nighttime generating capacity.  This is an ideal complement to wind power’s evening generation peaks when demand for electricity is otherwise low.
  • Electric car batteries offer the potential of delivering power back to the system, enabling grid operators to match supply and demand for electricity and maintain stability
About Plug In Texas

In response to a growing desire to strengthen domestic energy security, improve air quality, and curb global warming, momentum is building on numerous fronts for a new generation of vehicles powered by electricity.

Recognizing the potential of hybrid, battery electric and all-electric plug-in vehicles as true game changers, Plug-In Texas has been created, intending to raise awareness of electric vehicles (EVs) and help position Texas as a leader in this rapidly evolving industry.

Plug-In Texas was founded in the spring of 2009. The organization is intended to be a broad-based coalition of private and public interests dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness of EVs to both policy makers and the general public.
  • Providing thought leadership on the evolving EV marketplace, such as future infrastructure needs and environmental, economic and job creation benefits.
  • Promoting the use and benefits of EVs to consumers in the Lone Star State.

Members of the coalition to date include ECOtality, Environment Texas, Environmental Defense Fund, eVgo, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Gulf States Toyota, Luminant Energy, Texas Automobile Dealers Association, Texas League of Conservation Voters, Toyota and TXU Energy. Ultimately, Plug-In Texas is envisioned to include automakers, battery makers and other technology companies, municipalities and other public entities, wind and solar companies and other sources of renewable energy, electric companies, environmental and consumer groups, trade associations, academia, non-profit foundations and others.